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Molten Speed Wax Race Chain

Road Race Chain


This is a top level chain YBN chain that has undergone exacting mechanical break-in, ultrasonic cleaning and wax and powder treatment to attain the lowest friction chain.

Not heard of YBN chains? The big 3 do dominate the western market and most people like to stay with what they know / matches their groupset. And there is nothing wrong with that, they all make great quality and performing chains.

But we believe YBN are even better. Firstly they are outstandingly low friction and that is what we are all about here. On top of that they have flawless shifting, are light, super strong and durable. If they didn’t deliver stunning performance in all area’s, they flat out would not be on this site!! They are as good as you can get and have been clocking up some very impressive wins at the very highest levels of cycling.

They are not only fully compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo drive trains, they absolutely rock on all of them.

(For the truly discerning customer who wants the very very best you can buy, we also stock the amazing YBN Titanium chain, which is the worlds lightest chain and has also been tested by Friction Facts with some amazingly low friction!)

*Also please note if you need (sponsor requirements etc) or simply really wish to stay with Shimano / SRAM / CAMPAGNOLO etc this can be arranged no problems.


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Select Race chain 

  • YBN SLA (10 & 11 speed) Gold  – $175.00
  • YBN SLA (11 speed) Silver – $175.00
  • YBN SLA (11 speed) Black – $175.00
  • YBN Titanium (11 speed) Gold /  Silver gold  – $299.90
  • YBN Titanium (10 Spd) Gold- $289.90 (3 weeks lead time required)
  • Dura ace / Red 22 / Record  – Price On request