Fun Facts


Things I bet you didn't know about friction


Factory Lubes

Did you know that most factory lubes usually test as very high friction. The lubricant is greatly suited for the manufacturing process and packing / shipping, and not for lowest friction. As such, never put a new chain on for race / big event day. Plan ahead, put new chain on in advance, run it for approximately 300km (clean conditions), then remove from bike and completely solvent clean and lubricate with you lubricant or choice (just a reminder the lowest friction lubricant on the market is Molten Speed Wax…)

Chain Wear

Chain friction increases as the chain wears. So not only does your oil become a terrible lubricant, the accelerated wear on your chain is also increasing your chains friction. How often are you currently racing / doing a big event on an oiled chain that is 2000, or 3000, or even 4000km+ old?! (*I remember seeing a behind the scenes piece on Orica Bike Exchange during the TDU – They said they usually replace their chains at a maximum of 1200km. And just for fun – they replace their rear tubs at around 400km, and front tubs at around 1500km :))

Worn Cassettes

Worn cassettes, chain rings and jockey wheels increase friction. If you don’t have one, get a park tool chain wear tool. We recommend park tool as their chain wear tools are quite conservative. Replace your chain immediately as it hits the 0.5 wear mark. Once a chain is worn past this mark, it starts to really eat into your cassette / chain rings / jockey wheels. Not only is his higher friction, it is also expensive. I have been replacing my chains at the 0.5mark, and I have always been able to get 3 chains to a cassette. Using Molten Speed Wax on my training chains, I am also getting over 10,000km before my chain hits the 0.5 mark. My cassettes are outlasting my bikes!! If you find you are having to replace your cassette when you replace your chain, you are letting your chain get too worn. And a too worn chain can sneak up on you in no time when using oil as they just wear out so damn fast! Bigger / stronger riders with average chain maintenance can get a chain to 0.5 mark in as little as a 2000km.

Chain Wiping

Wiping the outside of the chain clean and adding more oil does nothing to remove the grinding paste from where lubrication is needed – between the pin an roller, and from between the inner and outer plates

Molten Speed Wax

Molten Speed Wax is tested by Friction Facts as lowest friction chain lubricant on the market. It beats all oils on the market for the lowest friction, and that is even before the oils become a grinding paste.

 Molten Speed Wax is a solid, and so it remains exceptionally clean, exceptionally low friction no matter what conditions you are riding in, and also your drivetrain remains super clean. Compared to what oil very quickly becomes, Molten Speed Wax simply remains the cleanest and the lowest friction lubricant you can buy.