HSC Bearings


An excellent upgrade options for those who want to step things up!



At Zero Friction Cycling we are often amazed at how many high end race bikes come in switching to waxing or getting a race chain installed that are running stock Bottom Bracket bearings that one could buy online  $30 to $50. Perfectly serviceable yes, fast  – NO! Again some easy watts savings here and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

HSC provide an excellent upgrade options for those who want to step things up a lot from stock bearings but not break the bank in doing so. They are also fantastic for me to get hold of stock in a hurry.

Another great feature for HSC is that often we can find one bearing in a BB or wheel is running rough but the others are fine. For wheel bearings we can order just one bearing, or two, or three etc, and for some BB’s I can also order in just one bearing for the side that is no good, and we can maintain the bearing still running well.

HSC BB’s range from $115 to $220. Individual bearings for wheels / BB range from $25 to $110.

Zero Friction Cycling offer a 5% discount on HSC bearings when purchasing another product. Simply contact me before or after you have placed an order and I can obtain the bearings you require and apply discount, simply email me at info@zerofrictioncycling.com.au

Remember we also offer Time Trial Grease upgrade where we clean out the factory grease and replace with Ceramic Speed TT grease – the fastest grease ever tested (it changes properties under pressure to become like a light oil).  Contact to discuss for pricing and suitability for your needs (requires regular top up maintenance – but if you want the fastest race bike, between switching to waxing, YBN chain, bearing and grease upgrade – your bike will match the best prepped bikes in the pro peleton!)