Kogel Bearings


Highest quality ceramic bearings for both very low friction and durability


Kogel sell the highest quality ceramic bearings for the both very low friction and durability. A cheap ceramic bearing is often worse than a decent steel bearing. We carefully selected to offer Kogel bearing upgrades for 3 main reasons.

  • Extremely high performance and quality
  • Offer a specific options for off road use – the best bearings in the world are no good if grit gets into them – we believe kogel’s mtb and cx options are world leading for that purpose
  • Highest level of customer focus and support.

Due to the current 4.7billion bottom bracket standards, and then there are wheel hubs…. We are not listing all the options here. Please follow link to lead out sports website (Australian importer) to find your specific bearing and price. Please contact me if you need assistance finding out what BB your need.


BB prices range from 159.99 to 299.99.

For wheel bearings, you can purchase in seta of either 4 bearings (front and rear hubs) or 6 bearings if you also need to replace freehub bearings. Again contact me to ascertain what bearings you need.

Wheel bearings – set of 4 – $329.99

Wheel bearings – set of 6 – $414.99

Zero Friction Cycling offer a 5% discount on Kogel Bearing purchases when purchased with another product. Contact info@zerofrictioncycling.com.au to organise which bearings you need,

Kogel also provide a brilliant set of jockey wheel options – from simply  a great upgrade set for your road bike, to cx specific, mtb specific, sram eagle, and their amazing full ceramic ball and race NFI jockey wheels for road – they are amazing – being full ceramic they require no lubricant and have  a no contact seal. 

Prices range from $159.99 to 359.99.

Zero Friction Cycling offer a 10% discount on Kogel bearings for customers also purchasing wax or chains. Simply contact me before or after you have placed a wax or chain order and we will sort out your bearing needs and pricing with discount.

Remember we also offer Time Trial Grease upgrade where we clean out the factory grease and replace with Ceramic Speed TT grease – the fastest grease ever tested (it changes properties under pressure to become like a light oil).  Contact to discuss for pricing and suitability for your needs (requires regular top up maintenance – but if you want the fastest race bike, between switching to waxing, YBN chain, bearing and grease upgrade – your bike will match the best prepped bikes in the pro peleton!)

Link to Lead Out Sports to check RRP on your bearings –   http://www.leadoutsports.com/

Link to main Kogel website (USA) – for detailed information on bearings – https://www.kogel.cc/

Information on TT grease – https://cyclingtips.com/2016/05/friction-facts-how-lubricants-and-seals-affect-cartridge-bearing-friction/