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Stockists for MSpeedwax


It has been tricky to get wholesale pricing going to have other Mspeedwax dealers around aus as wax is heavy, the aussie dollar terrible, and so landed cost is high, however some very cool stores are ensuring they stock the world’s best bicycle chain lubricant.


My equal favourite online store – both of my favourite online stores are hands down miles ahead of anything else. CCACHE stock many top and boutique brands that you cannot find anywhere else in the land of Oz, and as I do a number of very high end builds – they are my go too. Along with high end / boutique products they also have you covered for the vast majority of your everyday needs too. They are the online store I go to first – and if they don’t have a cool part in stock for one of the brands they hold – they will order in for you in a jiffy no problems.

(My next favourite online store is Lead Out sports – they do some of my other favourite brands like Abbey Tools + a few other super cool brands, and like CCACHE their customer service and support is just like ZFC – second to none – we are kind of in a 3 way tie…. J –

Mitcham Cycles

Based at Belair rd, kingswood (basically Mitcham) – they specialise in mtb and e-mtb but have you covered for road and gravel too. I send a lot of local customers there for work that ZFC doesn’t do (ZFC concentrates on core business of worlds best lubes, chain and bearing upgrades + product testing)

Aside from the outstanding service, customers are often pleasantly surprised and the cost of repair and service work – which is much better than being unpleasantly surprised. All the mechanics are very experienced so work done is always top notch.

Altitude Cycling

Based at Magill Rd, Kensington. Again a store that is highly focussed on the customer experience, and stocking some of cooler brands of bikes you won’t find elsewhere in Adelaide.  They also get behind sponsoring a bunch of local race scene stuff.

True Fact – ZFC had a discussion with a major Adelaide bike store re-stocking Mspeedwax, we could meet wholesale margin, but they decided not to stock as they had to “put their business hats on” and were worried about selling less chains and cassettes due to the vastly greater drivetrain component lifespan that one enjoys when switch to Mspeedwax.

There is a clear pattern with the stores that choose to stock Mspeedwax – we all go by the same simple ethos – look after your customers to the best of your ability, and they will look after you.