Extreme Event Race Chain

Extreme Event Race Chain


For extreme endurance / conditions events (Approx 12hours + off road, or 3 hours+ solid wet conditions road / offroad) – recommend Extreme Endurance Race chain.

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**YBN 12 speed now available!**

For extreme endurance / conditions events (Approx 12hours + off road, or 3 hours+ solid wet conditions road / offroad) – recommend Extreme Endurance Race chain.

After a lot of testing as part of our Lube Test Project it was discovered that Smoove Lube demonstrated the most outstanding longevity performance. It is also the only lube tested to date that effectively “layered” – that is its single event longevity performance is notably increased via initial multiple layering applications.

Being a thick viscosity lubricant – properly prepping a chain with Smoove takes a bit of time. As with all race chains, the chain is initially broken in prior to undergoing multiple ultrasonic cleaning rounds until perfectly clean. Smoove is then applied ultrasonically at 30degrees to ensure penetration of the thick lubricant to every square nanometer inside the chain, excess removed and allowed to dry. Chain is then moved to motorized test machine where 2 further applications are layered on, running machine at high cadence and low power to work lubricant deep inside chain and buildup layers on the pin as well as all internal parts of the chain. Excess lube is removed and allowed to thoroughly dry between each layering application (this lube is a bit like painting layers on). This layering prep demonstrated during testing to be clearly superior to single application or ultrasonic application alone, and delivered wear rates 3 times lower than next best lube at the 500km mark.

As a lubricant that sets to a “plastic” state that does not shed, it demonstrated outstanding resistance to dry contamination and is the strongest performing drip lube tested to date in wet contamination performance. Together with its longevity performance it is simply the best choice for any events that may exceed the single treatment longevity of a Molten Speed Wax treated chain.

If the events do not meet this criteria then a Molten Speed Wax Race Chain will be your fastest choice, and a ZFC prepared off road race chain your next fastest choice.

Each chain takes a lot of time to prep and only a few will be done in between lube tests when machine is free for a couple of days for chain break ins + layering application runs so please plan / order ahead. If the chain you need is unavailable then it may be 1-3 weeks lead time to prepare.

*Note a Race chain is not a one off expensive purchase. Your race chain can be easily re optimized either by sending back to ZFC, or by re treating at home – full guide / information is provided on request. One of the smartest and cost effective ways to save a bunch of watts is to have a dedicated Race Chain and training chain. Race chain is kept at mint performance for races, training chain you hammer away for your weekly miles. When training chain hits 0.5 wear mark on park tool cc3.2 checker, Race chain moves over to become training chain, purchase new Race Chain. You will always need another chain sooner or later – pre buying your next chain as a Race Chains is simply a very smart, very cost effective way to save great watts on race day.

Weight .27 kg
Dimensions 12 x 11 x 1.5 cm

10 Speed, 11 Speed, 12 Speed


YBN SLA Gold Solid Plate, YBN SLA Gold, YBN SLA Silver Solid Plate, YBN SLA Black, Eagle XX1 Black, Eagle XX1 Gold


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