Nopinz Road Race 2.0 Suit

Nopinz Road Race 2.0 Suit


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Brand New for 2018 and Revolutionary for RoadRacing!  Building on the success of the Nopinz SpeedPocket for TT racers Nopinz thought it was about time that the road race market had the opportunity to go Nopinz!  After all, Nopinz equals no holes, no fuss and increased aerodynamics.

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Click Here to see our Aero Friction Buying Guide!

The Nopinz RR 2.0 suit is not only “Nopinz” but has also been developed to be incredibly Aerodynamic at speeds of 40-45kph. Featuring new dimpled Chrono Man fabric the suit is aerodynamic and breathable meaning comfort isn’t compromised and heat dispersion is considered in even the most demanding of climates.

Suit Features:

  • Nopinz Revolutionary Double SpeedPockets and FeedPockets
  • Aerodynamically Optimised Fabric choices.
  • La Fonte Dynamic chamois.
  • 3/4 length Sleeves for style and increased speed.
  • Highly breathable

To get faster in time trials, road racing and triathlons, we, like you, have moved from round tube bikes to aero frames, box section to deep section wheels and drop bars to aero bars. Clothing changed colours but fabric technology moved slowly. Lycra was all very equal. Eventually faster skin suits became available as elite teams and governing bodies realised fabric, fit and seam placement really means clothing is not all equal. As you the rider account for around 60% of drag, what you wear such as helmet, skin suit and even aero shoe covers all adds up to help in the quest for speed. Race clothing designed for speed improved through wind tunnel research highlighting quite how good a well designed piece of race clothing really is.

Skin suit development and research is soaring, so costs are generally rising. Our prediction is this will happen for a good many seasons yet as knowledge and understanding of fast-fabric grows. There are now many more brands in the £200 to £300 bracket than ever before. Race pictures all over the internet show quite how many athletes are using this faster race clothing to great effect.

At the very top end of cycle sport skin suit evolution is staggering: our investigations have found National Federations paying over £400 per bespoke suit that lasts only a few races. Sadly these are, as yet, “not for the public”. Similarly, UCI Pro team kit and bespoke tailoring services are pushing the very best suits up to over £1000 –  made-to-measure when every single watt matters. When wheels, frames and helmets have been optimised to within the last few watts, skin suits are the last piece of equipment to receive the aerodynamic make over.

At Nopinz we’ve taken that one step further and considered the real world challenges of racing and focussed on eliminating the aerodynamic drag created by having to pin a race number on. Not only will you save energy and be faster but you’ll never damage your clothing again.


No pins, No damage

Pins damage race clothing of all kinds, no argument. The safety pin invented in 1849 is a destructive technology – fine for bandages but not for super thin cycling Lycra or a technical running t-shirt. Very fragile suits can’t take the strain of a stretched number with four pins applied to it and it significantly reduces their life span. Even the standard club skin suit gets peppered every race.

We want to save Lycra and other technical fabrics from the ravages of voodoo. As you race through a season this leads to extremely wholly and damaged garments. This  graph illustrates the logic of Nopinz:

every race incurs a minimum of 8 holes in your garment when using pins

Nopinz produces no holes in your race clothing

Nopinz products are designed to eliminate the ravages of the safety pin, extending the life of your race clothing and saving you money. We also think that you also look the part when pins aren’t used – you look proper “factory”.


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