YBN Chain

YBN Chain


YBN has created the lightest and most technically advanced 11 speed chain in the world, period.  They are not only fully compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo drive trains, they absolutely rock on all of them.  We stock 3 levels of YBN to best suit your needs. The SLA Gold, Silver and Black as standard also come with hollow pins and laser cut outs on inner and outer plates to make them one of the lightest on the market.  For off road use or cx it can be worth considering the solid pin, solid plate silver YBN as the hollow pins and cut outs are less useful if you head into the mud. For those that want the absolute pinnacle, head back to the YBN Titanium chain page for the lightest, lowest friction, best looking chain on the planet.

And for just $15 extra I will perform an ultrasonic clean and wax the chain for you so its ready to go!

Note:  Selecting a full chain breakin, clean and wax may add up to 1 to 3 weeks shipping time.

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**Now in stock – YBN 12 speed!**

You may have heard me mention your chain is your bikes hardest working part.  Well that it is indeed, and by orders of magnitude over anything else. At around 20,000 link articulations a minute whilst riding along, your chain is the absolute last part you should ever skimp on.

It is not uncommon for cyclists to look for a fairly cost effective chain as they keep wearing through chains so fast and wish to save some money. Often this works out worse, as the faster a chain wears, the more likely it is going to take your cassette, and even chain rings with it. It is often a false economy.

Cheaper chains simply do not have the coatings, plating’s and extra hardening treatments that top chains have, making them both higher friction and faster wearing. A little bit higher friction per link easily adds up to multiple watts lost to friction at 20,000 articulations a minute under load.

YBN SLA chains have every level of low friction and durability tech packed into them.

  • DHA Chromium Carbide hardened pins and rollers (the parts really under abrasive friction pressure and full rider load – a lot of chains do not have any extra treatment here aside from being heat treated steel),
  • Titanium Nitride (Gold or Black chains) or Nickel Plating (Silver chains) on inner and outer plates. A lot of chains either have no plating’s, or have nickel plating just on outer plates. Which is odd as the inner plates are the most important by far re friction and wear as the inner plate shoulders are what articulates around pin and inside roller bore! Nickel plating outer plates only – may look attractive – but really well short of a fully plated chain.
  • Low friction coating. Most chains do have some form of low friction coating but this can vary a lot depending on brand and level. Ie it may be just on inner plate. Or next level it will be inner plate and roller. Or inner plate and roller and pin. Do you know what your current chain has? The YBN SLA has every level covered.

The YBN SLA chains are fully compatible with Shimano, Sram and Campagnolo 10 and 11 speed drivetrains (Road and MTB).

If I believed there was a higher performing chain – I would stock that instead. I have personally tested for years across road, mtb and cx, and the feedback I receive from customers is always the same – they absolutely rock.

The big 3 make perfectly good chains – but they have their fingers in a lot of pies. Chains are all YBN do.  The big 3 make perfectly fine bottom brackets but do they compare to Kogel, HSC, Ceramic Speed etc? No. It is the same with chains – but remember your chain is YOUR MOST KEY COMPONENT for both friction performance AND running costs.

If you prioritise one mechanical part to be a top level part – make it your chain. It is why ZFC is so chain and lube focussed – it is the area that contributes the most by far to your friction and your wallet. If I was to have one mantra it would be never skimp on performance re chains, lube and tires – they are what determines to the largest extent if your bike will ride like a cheetah or a tractor.

Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 12 x 11 x 1.5 cm

10 Speed, 11 Speed, 12 Speed


Gold, Black, Silver, Silver Solid Plate, Gold Solid Plate


Break in + Ultrasonic Clean & Wax (add $40), Ultrasonic Clean & Wax (add $15), None