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Everything you need to reduce friction and increase watts is right here


YBN Chains

If we believed there was a lower friction, longer lasting, higher quality chain, we would stock them instead. But quite frankly, these are it and a bit. Your chain is your hardest working mechanical part. By miles. If there is one mechanical part you do not want to go average on, it is your chain.

Cheaper chains do not have any coatings and wear out quickly, usually taking your cassette with it. Better chains have some form of PTFE coating, but often no hardened plating on the inner and outer plates to resist wear and corrosion (Titanium nitride or Nickel Plating). The few that have both still don’t have chromium carbide hardened pins and rollers (which are the bits that wear the most).  The YBN SLA chains have it all, which is why YBN claim the longest service life on the market and why we are seeing the longest life in the real world (we get as many customers as we can to track their chain km’s on strava).  If a chain is lasting 2+ times as long as other chains, you can also draw direct correlation to it being around half the friction as it is friction that causes chain wear.

We stock 3 levels of YBN to best suit your needs. The SLA Gold, Silver and Black as standard also come with hollow pins and laser cut outs on inner and outer plates to make them one of the lightest on the market.  For off road use or cx it can be worth considering the solid plate Gold or Silver YBN SLA as the cut outs are less useful if you head into the mud. For those that want the absolute pinnacle, head back to the YBN Titanium chain page for the lightest, lowest friction, best looking chain on the planet.

Fully compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo, SRAM, the plate design delivers flawless shifting across all group sets, as well as off road XTR, X01, XX1 etc.

More about YBN Chains at link below.

  • YBN SLA Titanium 11spd (Gold – Silver/Gold) – $214.90
  • YBN SLA Titanium 10spd – Gold – $199.90
  • YBN SLA Ti-Nitride 11spd (Gold /Black) – $69.90
  • YBN SLA Nickel Plate 11spd – Silver – $64.90
  • YBN SLA Nickel Plate 11spd – Solid Plate – Silver – $59.90
  • YBN SLA Ti-Nitride 11spd – Solid Plate – Gold – $69.90
  • YBN SLA Ti Nitride – 10spd – Gold – $64.90
  • Postage – $2.95 


YBN Super Chain

You may have noticed at Zero Friction Cycling we bring the best in class products to our little boutique business. Mostly they  are products that save you friction, in this case we bring you the best in class for your commuter bike – the YBN Super Chain!

Want a chain that can take more abuse and neglect than any other? This is it. The coatings on this chain make it almost impossible for it corrode. So if you commute no matter what the weather and are bit slack on maintenance for your work horse, this is the chain for you.

For those smart enough to be running a dedicated race chain on their MTB or CX bikes then a super chain can also make a great off road training chain or winter training chain on your roadie.

  • YBN Super Chain – 11 Speed – $54.90 + $20 for Clean and Wax
  • YBN Super Chain – 10 Speed – $49.90 + $20 for Clean and Wax
  • Postage – $2.95

YBN Master Links

YBN’s QRS 11 is the only Re-useable Master link of this type and Re-Useable 5 times. It has 4 safety section to prevent false release and the same chromium carbide hardening as their chains.

Compatible also with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo chains as well of course as YBN chains. Replace after 5 uses or when chain is replaced whichever comes first. Simple installation and removal with YBN master link tools.

  • YBN QRS 11 – Pack of 6 – $39.90
  • YBN QRS 11 – Single Master Link – $7.50
  • Postage – $2.95

YBN Master Link Tools

  • YBN Master Link Release tool – $20.00
  • YBN Master Link Connect tool – $20.00
  • Postage – $2.95


Molten Speed Wax Race Powder

This amazing ultra fine powder is a mix of pure Teflon and Molybdenum and is a crucial part of Race Chain preparation and Re-Optimisations. For those who are waxing at home and preparing their own race chains, this is the powder to add after a fresh waxing and once the wax has been broken in for around 30 to 40 minutes of riding and prior to your race to reduce friction by a further approx. 6%.

(*Note – it also can be used to help keep Race Chains at the absolute pinnacle of their ultra low friction performance. Whilst the Race Chain / Re-Optimisation treatment is recommended for up to 300km for Road Chains, applying this powder between races can help ensure the treatment stays at the absolute lowest friction for this duration).

  • Molten Speed Wax Race Powder 55g – $45.00
  • Postage – $8.95 (less if able to consolidate with other items)

Click here for instructions for applying race powder


Molten Speed Wax

Cleaned your drive train of gritty mess for your race chain and can’t bear the thought of putting an oiled chain back on again? Or not using race chains but sick of cleaning black mess off your drivetrain all the time? Or sick of your chains and parts wearing out so fast?

Switching to waxing at home for your training chains is easy and yields oh so many benefits.  And Zero Friction Cycling are here to help you every step of the way to get started.

Each Bag of Molten Speed Wax lubricates you chain for a very long time (approximately 4000 to 6000km) and greatly extends the life of your chain, cassette, chain rings etc.

  • Molten Speed Wax 1lb Bag – $39.90 (Postage – $9.95)
  • Molten Speed Wax 2 x 1lb Bags – $74.90 (Postage – $9.95)
  • Molten Speed Wax 3 x 1lb Bags – $99.90 (Postage – $9.95)


Squirt Lubricant

This very highly wax based drip lubricant is the recommended safeguard for your Road or Off Road Race chains. If your Race Chain has been ridden in wet or muddy conditions, please only use Squirt to protect your chain post race.  There is no surcharge to Re-Optimise a race chain where squirt has been used.

  • Squirt Lubricant – 120ml – $20.00
  • Postage – $8.95 (less if able to consolidate with other items)


Park Tool Chain Checker

Personally I think this is a simply mandatory item. Replacing chains immediately as they start to hit the 0.5 wear mark, I have always been able to get 3 chains to a cassette before the cassette needs replacing. Once a chain has worn past the 0.5 wear mark, the extra length in chain links eats out the teeth on your cassettes and chain rings. If you don’t keep track of your chain wear, this can sneak up on you so easily and cost big $$ in needing to replace cassette (and maybe also chain rings). I see this all the time, if a customer had replaced chain just 1000km earlier, they could have put new chain on with no issues. It also ensures you can swap from training chains to race chains with no problems. Want your cassette to last at least 30,000km instead of 5-6000km?  Wax your chains + use this chain checker, and save a lot of wasted money.

This tool is cheap and super simple way to save a lot of unnecessary wasted $$

Park Tool Chain Wear Checker – $29.90 (Postage – $2.95)


Ultrasonic Clean – Chains

This service is for those looking to either start waxing at home (you can’t throw your oiled chain straight into the wax as that will greatly contaminate the wax), or for that important race / event where you want the cleanest chain / drivetrain as possible. A super clean chain & drivetrain is a fast chain & drivetrain!

Instructions for how to clean your oil chain at home to switch to waxing are in a cool little video on the home page, but if you want to kick off with an amazingly clean chain, you won’t be able to match what I can do.

This service may also be used by those who are waxing at home, and want their wax training chain to be perfectly clean so as to be prepared for a race. A clean chain is a fast chain, and you can’t beat an ultrasonically cleaned chain.

(Oiled Chains are given 3 agitated solvent baths with Mineral spirits, a methylated spirits rinse, 2 full rounds of Ultrasonic cleaning and a final Methylated spirits rinse. If the cleaning is for switching to wax I will then wax chain as well as part of the service)

  • Ultrasonic Chain Clean – Existing Chain – $25.00
  • Ultrasonic Chain Clean – New chain purchased from Zero Friction Cycling – $15.00
  • Return domestic Postage of chain – $2.95

Ultrasonic Clean – Cassettes

Clean cassettes hold their own special place of beauty on a bicycle, and I know everyone who is running an oiled chain wishes they could keep them looking beautifully clean! If you are switching to waxing for training or for a race, no doubt you will do your best to clean to the cassette, and you will probably do ok. But again, you won’t be able to do it like I can do it!

A clean drive train is a fast drive train is a silky smooth drive train. If you want your cassette as clean as when you took it out of the box or wheeled your bike out of the bike store, see below….


(For those who are waxing – keeping your cassette looking amazing is as simple as 1 minutes work every approx. 1000km with a wire brush to brush off any excess wax build up. But again if you want that perfect clean look I am here to help)

  • Ultrasonic Cassette Clean – $25.00
  • Return domestic postage – $8.95

Adelaide customers if you bring your bike to me price includes removing and re-installing cassette.

*Maximum cassette size of 32tooth cog. MTB cassettes  – SRAM we have to clean the old fashioned way and so cannot attain a perfect clean. Shimano – as their cassettes are in separate sections I can Ultrasonic clean all but the 2 largest cogs. Please contact me first regarding any MTB cassette cleans so we can discuss what I can / can’t do and pricing.

Full Drive Train Cleans

Making the smart decision to start waxing or just want your drive train perfectly clean for a race / event / show off to your cycling buddies – again I can do a better job than anywhere else!  Full drive train clean includes the full Ultrasonic cleaning process for your Chain and Cassette, as well as manually cleaning your Chain Rings, Jockey Wheels and derailleur cage.

  • Oiled Drive Train – $60.00
  • Waxed Drive Train – $40.00