Race Chain Worth


Did you know that a pro mechanic cleaned chain cannot match a Waxed & Powdered race chain


Even if you have your own pro mechanic to clean and lubricate your chain for you, it cannot match a Waxed & Powdered race chain. And the watts savings are bona-fide real world difference, no matter what type of racer you are.

  • Powerful rider – big watts = big chain friction – lots of savings here!
  • Not that powerful? – Every watt is precious! Why throw away even 2-6 watts for something as simple as swapping a chain for races?
  • Triathlon – I hardly need to convince you guys & gals about friction savings!
  • Track – Such a power sport, you strain for every ounce of power you have. Why throw an unnecessary % of this away in easily avoidable friction?
  • Criterium – So many high power accelerations. Or are you a breakaway specialist? Ever seen a Criterium come down to a sprint finish? 🙂
  • Road racer – Again, super low friction when you need it most – be it attacks, surges, power climbs, sustained climbs, break away’s, (or if you’re like me – hanging on chewing your headstem) And again, just the odd sprint finish…
  • Cyclocross – The increase in chain friction on an oiled chain at the end of a Cyclocross race vs what it was at the start of a Cyclocross race will likely shock you! A race chain will start much lower friction than your oiled chain, and by the end of the race this friction gap will just have grown very wide indeed. And again, how many high power accelerations do you have in a Cyclocross race?  When you are on your knees at the end of the race, your Race Chain will not be. It will be delivering ever increasing friction savings vs oiled chains every minute the race goes on.
  • XC / Enduro racing – Rather perfect racing environment not to be running oil for hours wouldn’t you say? Same as for cyclocross, just saving more and more friction over a longer period!
  • Downhill Racing – Ever missed out on a win or placing by very small margin? Find me a Downhill racer who hasn’t! After hurtling down through goodness knows how much dirt, dust and mud risking life and limb all the way to save the merest fractions of a second, how much does saving a big handful (probably a double handful!) of watts mean to you in your all out dash to the line?
  • BMX – A double race chain bonus here – you don’t pedal much so the treatment will last A LOT of races, and when you do pedal its flat out so you save A LOT of friction!

And remember – your race chain can now be Re-Optimised at least 5 times to keep the good times rolling making the biggest drive train friction savings to be had also very economical!


**Expected watts improvements will always be approximate as it is impossible to tell just how much friction your current oiled chain is contributing. This depends a lot on what oil you run, how you clean your chain, how often you clean your chain etc.

But unless you frequently remove your chain and completely clean with multiple solvent baths, your oiled chain will be running in grinding paste as much as it is oil, and you can expect the friction savings to be the at the higher end of the range.



Please refer to https://www.friction-facts.com/

Here you can purchase for yourself the detailed reports on everything you need to know re friction! You can purchase the entire suite of reports for quite frankly a pittance.  It will give you the knowledge to save up to another approximately 7-8 watts of drive train friction on top of what you can save by simply using a race chain.

What are your competitors doing? You may have started to notice an increased focus these days regarding friction. This is because the benefits are much bigger than most previously thought, and also now with the rights parts and services, more easily attained and economical.

Have a play with http://www.bikecalculator.com/ to play around with these watts savings to see what difference it can make to your time.