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Did you know that chain friction increases as the chain wears



For something as simple as swapping your chain for race day, you can save an easy 2-6 watts (at 250 watt power) vs your current oiled chain, and this friction saving figure just goes up and up at higher watts output.

A lot of cool friction saving information is detailed on this site, but the quick wrap is that your chain is the hardest working drivetrain component by far (think approximately 20,000 link articulations per minute at 90 cadence on the big chain ring). Oil quickly becomes a grinding paste, and an oiled chain quickly becomes a friction monster. Most especially the chain you use all the time in training that you were also thinking of racing on.

This is why a race chain delivers far more friction savings than what you can (or have) achieved by upgrading all of the bearings on your bike combined.  And swapping a chain is very simple, if you haven’t done it before, don’t worry it’s much easier and quicker than you think,  and we are here to help.

And remember, chains are a consumable item. You will always need to buy another chain at some point. For most this is in the near future since oiled chains wear out so fast. A very smart way of going about things is to buy a race chain to save big watts on race days, use our Re-Optimisation service to keep those good times rolling, and then after approximately 5 Re-Optimisations you still end up with an awesome training chain. 

For racers of all levels and all disciplines, or for that big event for recreational riders, saving big watts is now an easy and economical option. Have a look at how much it would (or has) cost you to upgrade all of your bearings (BB, Front & Rear wheels, jockey wheels etc), and for all that you would be very lucky to save half the friction of a Race Chain vs Oiled chain.

No matter what type and level of racer / recreational rider you are, Zero Friction Cycling has the products and services to deliver silky smooth free speed. 

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