Wax at Home


Once I started home waxing there was never any going back!


Many customers initially choose Molten Speed Wax for its ultra low friction, and keep using it for its superb cleanliness as much as for the friction savings. That’s how I personally started with Molten Speed Wax products a few years ago for racing and training, and once I started there was never any going back! Here is why:

  • Silky smooth & super clean. It is just so good not to have to try to clean gritty black oiled crap off my chain, cassette, jockey wheels all the time.
  • Around half the friction of many drip lube chains all the time.
  • The watts you save were previously literally going into eating through your chain and drive train parts at a prodigious rate
  • So much simpler than you think. Using master links taking a chain off for waxing and putting back on is an absolute doddle. Melting wax is not very hard, turn pot on and the wax melts 🙂 Putting a chain into melted wax, swishing it around, and then hanging to dry is also not so difficult!
  • The extra few minutes to wax a chain at the front end saves you that time three fold at the other end in not having to clean all the crap off your drive train all the time. No degreasers, no solvents (which you dispose of how?). Not only will your clean drivetrain always be the envy of your friends, it will last so much longer not running in a black grinding paste.
  • There are many many myths and misconceptions with regards to chain waxing from being dangerous (in a slow cooker it is as dangerous as boiling your kettle), the time it takes (waxing almost always saves net time vs drip lubes) – and 99.9% of the issues with waxing simply come from poor information on internet / you-tube from people who really do not know what they are doing / using cheap paraffin or candles etc. The mspeedwax / zfc experience is a different league altogether.

Also another advantage is that when you go to put your Race Chain on, you don’t have to spend half an hour or an hour cleaning your drivetrain. It is already clean

Please refer to the instructions section on this website for detail instructions re waxing at home, or contact me and I can take you through everything via email or phone, or we can organise a time and I can show you how to do it, whichever option suits you the best.

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