Post Wet Ride


Instructions for post wet ride or muddy ride care


Wet rides will wash wax off outer surface of chain, and so just like if you were using a light oil, some care needs to be taken post ride to prevent any oxidisation.

**For Race Chains to be Re-Optimised –  Wipe chain dry with towel or absorbent cloth as soon as get home, and then put a light coating of Squirt drip lube on chain, or if you don’t have any squirt lubricant spray chain with  wd-40. Remove chain and place into a glad bag and squeeze air out. Send in or drop in to be Re-Optimised at earliest convenience.

There will be no surcharge if Squirt lubricant or wd-40 used. If other oils are used the may  be a small surcharge for solvent cleaning prior to ultrasonic cleaning.


**For waxed training chains at  home – Wipe chain dry with towel or absorbent cloth as soon as get home. *Do not add any lubricant as this will contaminate wax. As soon as practicable, remove chain and re-wax. If unable to re-wax, remove chain, place into glad bag and squeeze out all the air and place into wax as soon as is practicable.

This may sound more hassle than using a wet ride drip lube, but you get a lot of benefits for a very  small amount of extra time. Wet ride drip lubes are great for keeping chain “oiled” in adverse condition rides, but they also very quickly become about as high a friction treatment as you can get. So much road grime and grit is thrown onto your chain and held fast, your chain is working away in a very high friction grinding paste that you will just never get clean again.



You can find detailed instructions on all the below applications on Molten Speed Waxes website.

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