Wax Instructions


Chain off, thread onto swisher tool, into wax, swish around when molten, hang to dry..


Here is the link to official Molten Speed Wax instructions (https://moltenspeedwax.com/pages/waxing-your-chain)

However below is also the overview from Zero Friction Cycling’s perspective as a simple user / customer of Molten Speed Wax for years.

So what do I need to get started on waxing my training chains?

  • Small slow cooker – anything between 1.5 to 3L or even 3.5L is a perfect size for a bag of wax allowing chain to be fully submerged and easy to agitate. You can use bigger ones, you just might need two bags of wax in there at a time.
  • A swisher tool fashioned from coat hanger is great (MSW Swisher Here) to agitate chain in the wax
  • A place to hang your chain after removing from wax
  • An easy method for taking chains off and putting back on. You must use a type of master link as breaking and installing link pins is a recipe for disaster. We recommend either YBN master links as they are re-useable 5 times and are a great price, and are super strong and reliable, or wipperman connex links – they do not required tools to remove or install and  lasts the lifetime of the chain.

Once you have the above – you are ready. Chain off, thread onto swisher tool, into wax, swish around when molten, hang to dry, break wax bond on each link after dry, re-install chain.


It mostly depends on conditions – Dry and Molten Speed Wax will last up to 800km (but recommended to do earlier to be safe), wet conditions the chain should be wiped dry and put back into wax asap before any oxidisation occurs – just like after a wet ride with oil you would wipe chain and immediately re oil. (*note, you may be running a wet ride lubricant which does not need immediate attention after adverse conditions rides. But they are typically very high friction in the real world. Sure, the lubricant may stick to your chain, but so does most of the road grime spraying off your front tire which is now packed into all the hard working links).

I personally like to re-wax more often. Being a solid lubricant, I find after about 250 to 300km the chain will start to feel dry. It is still most definitely lubricated everywhere it needs to be for much longer, it’s just that without all the grinding paste filler  that you have with oil, it will feel dry. I find the first approx. 250km feels like you are riding on pure silk, so I re-wax around this mark (which is comparable frequency to generally better performing lighter oils).

Accordingly – If waxing at long intervals, Molten Speed Wax recommends changing wax for training chains after 8 waxes as a certain amount of contaminants will be introduced into the wax.

I wax at short intervals and personally go around 20 to 30 waxes and am seeing outstanding longevity results.


Two pot System

This is what I personally use. It’s doing everything exactly the same as above, its’ just simply after initially being agitated in the first pot, I then move it to a second pot and agitate again. The vast majority of the contaminants will be melted off into pot 1’s wax, and then it’s finished with very clean wax in pot 2. After about 20 to 30 waxes (short interval waxing), pot 1 wax  is discarded into general waste, pot 2 becomes pot 1, and Pot 2 gets a fresh bag of wax.

I have always kept exact records of every single part on all of mine and my wife’s bikes, and we have gone from averaging between  4000 to 6000km on training chains when using oil (replacing when hitting the 0.5 wear mark on park tool chain wear tool), to an amazing 10,000 to 14,000km using the above method. And replacing chains at the 0.5 wear mark we have always been able to get 3 chains to a cassette. This doubling (or over) in chain lifespan is a perfect real world validation of the friction testing showing the much lower friction of running wax vs oil and the extremely low amount of contamination into the chain vs oil.

Multiple Training Chains

Another popular method is to run two or even three chains. This way, if you find you don’t have time to quickly re-wax before your next ride, you have another chain ready to go all the time.