About Us


Small home based business in Adelaide South Australia


Zero Friction Cycling is a boutique home based business in Malvern, Adelaide.

As an avid recreational rider and racer for fun and fitness, like most people I put up with constant mess and short drive train lifespan that comes with using drip lubes because I didn’t think there was any other way.

However, a few years ago when Friction Facts started testing bicycle drive train components, I found out about Molten Speed Wax. Aside from the winning test results, so many aspects about waxing vs drip lubes made so much captain obvious sense I tried it, and once one does – that is it – there is never any going back!  

It was then a natural progression into the world of ultra low friction Race Chains and bearing upgrades and years of trying and testing the to find the best in class products services to put on offer here.  Want your bike to be running like silky smooth lightning  – We are the specialists here. The number of circa $15,000 bikes running a tractor grease $50 bottom bracket and grinding paste in their chain…. well, we love bikes leaving a lot faster than they come in (and don’t worry if interstate – we offer all the support your need with your products). 

Every product and service offered at Zero Friction Cycling is VERY carefully selected. We strive to offer only products that have solid test and real world data  to stand behind them – not just hyped up marketing claims. To that end, ZFC has also commenced worlds first proper longevity testing for lubricants – as performance over thousands of km’s and exposure to contamination is far more valuable data vs clean chain, clean lab tests. We will  be using this data to refine the products we offer so that we know for certain we are offering the genuine best in class products for your riding and racing needs.

Lastly – I am certain you will not find better service and support anywhere. Selling the best products, making bikes faster and having very happy customers is a lot of fun. So here at ZFC, it is not work – it is just fun times – and I’ve been told this shows though in the service 🙂

Own all your watts!


Zero Friction Cycling is very proud to bring to the market place our Race Chain Re-Optimisation service to restore a Race Chains ultra low friction performance once the original treatment has worn off, as well as to offer a product line specifically to cater for the Off Road Racing world where running wax vs oil makes such a big difference.  

You can expect the absolute highest level of service, product quality and support from Zero Friction Cycling. And the laws of physics dictate that you will ride faster for the same effort on our products. 🙂