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Small home based business in Adelaide South Australia


Zero Friction Cycling is a boutique home based business in Malvern, Adelaide.

ZFC is set up around a completely different business model to most stores. A bit of a natural nerd, tech articles and product testing are always my favourite reads on cycling magazines, hence I was fascinated when Friction Facts / Velonews brought us the worlds first proper efficiency loss testing (plus I need every watt I can get). From this testing exciting things happened, the first fully optimised race chains were brought to market, as was Molten Speed Wax with all the proven efficiencies and unassailable advantages of immersive waxing vs drip lubes.

However – the ground breaking testing left much to be done, and Friction Facts were purchased by Ceramic Speed and so the world lost its only independent tester. And, as amazing as the FF testing was, there was a still big knowledge gap between how a lubricant performs in a lab on a clean chain for 5 minutes vs how it performs in the real world with how a cyclist tends to use their products. Not many cyclists perfectly clean their chain after every ride. Or every few hundred km’s. Or every few thousand km’s. Most common is simply adding more lubricant, wiping chain, and riding – or various levels of cleaning maintenance, the frequency and efficacy of which vary greatly from one cyclist to another.

Lubricants make a lot of bold claims, such as “repels dirt and grit” and  “clean as it lubes” and “forms protective film / membrane to prevent metal on metal or contamination on metal contact etc”. Do they? These claims are EXTREMELY difficult for a liquid lubricant to attain to any reasonable definition. So which manufacturers are delivering on their claims, or at least in the ballpark, and which manufacturers are claiming amazing things simply because that is what everyone claims even though their products may do nothing of the sort.

Hence ZFC commenced the worlds most detailed and comprehensive lubricant testing.

ZFC business model is to find and stock a very select group of products that are genuinely proven with regards to their performance. I need to know what to stock, and what to avoid. This model ensures that ZFC customers purchase only the best products available, and avoid the huge range of products that will deliver very average performance.

Remember when it comes to chain lubricants – the friction losses with a poor lubricant almost always come with a double edged sword or greater chain and drivetrain wear rates. So having more of your watts pushing your forwards faster with every pedal stroke is great, the fact that friction losses saved here were previously going into wearing out hardened steel parts of your drive train is even better. An irresistible win win.

ZFC is always on the hunt for the best products to deliver on this focus which equals happy customers which equals revenue back into testing projects. So if it stocked at ZFC, you know it is a product that is PROPERLY tested and proven.

Recently ZFC is also making first steps to bring the worlds best aero kit to Australia, as there are stacks of free watts to be had in the aero game, the body is the biggest drag component.

Lastly – I am certain you will not find better service and support anywhere. Selling the best products, making bikes faster and having very happy customers is a lot of fun. So here at ZFC, it is not work – it is just fun times – and I’ve been told this shows though in the service 🙂

Own all your watts!


Zero Friction Cycling is very proud to bring to the market place our Race Chain Re-Optimisation service to restore a Race Chains ultra low friction performance once the original treatment has worn off, as well as to offer a product line specifically to cater for the Off Road Racing world where running wax vs oil makes such a big difference.  

You can expect the absolute highest level of service, product quality and support from Zero Friction Cycling. And the laws of physics dictate that you will ride faster for the same effort on our products. 🙂