About Us


Small home based business in Adelaide South Australia


Zero Friction Cycling is a boutique home based business in Malvern, Adelaide.

Zero Friction Cycling uses the worlds most robust product testing – both in house machine controlled testing in addition to field testing, as well as liaising with some of the top test labs around the world. This information is used to determine what products ZFC should stock, and what to not.

If you want products that will genuinely deliver low friction running and much longer lasting and cleaner drive trains – no retailer puts as much effort in to product selection as ZFC.

At ZFC you will also receive the highest level of service whether you are looking to save every fraction of a watt for racing or record attempts, all the way through to the best options for commuting and everything in between – professional or recreational racing, weekend warrior, CX, Mtb, Track, Commuting and more.  If you are riding, you’re awesome and ZFC is here to support you with best advice and ensuring your hard earned $ go towards products that are not just marketing hype.

Own all your watts!


Zero Friction Cycling is very proud to bring to the market place our Race Chain Re-Optimisation service to restore a Race Chains ultra low friction performance once the original treatment has worn off, as well as to offer a product line specifically to cater for the Off Road Racing world where running wax vs oil makes such a big difference.  

You can expect the absolute highest level of service, product quality and support from Zero Friction Cycling. And the laws of physics dictate that you will ride faster for the same effort on our products. 🙂