Chain Tensile Strength Testing


How strong is your chain!


Worlds first independent chain tensile strength testing!

Usually ZFC conducts the most robust testing to determine best products to stock & recommend vs which products do not live up to marketing hyperbole.

In this case, it is unknown if the testing will lead to any purchasing decision changes or recommendations or not, however I have been curious re chain tensile strengths for awhile now, and the industry now moves onto 12spd, it was time for a fun side test project. And one thing learned from lubricant and chain longevity testing, is that surprises always seem to come up, and these surprises have most definitely impacted on stock / avoid decisions.

So, start mentally placing your bets,

  1. Will one manufacturer outshine all others?
  2. Will one manufacturer show up as bit concerning?
  3. Budget chains vs premium?
  4. 12spd vs 11spd, vs 10spd, vs 9spd?
  5. Super light chains vs venerable solid pin solid plate chains such as ultegra?
  6. How much stronger are e-bike chains?
  7. Worn chains vs new?

Full Test Brief Here Tensile Test Brief

And – assuming find a sufficient strong e-bike chain, will attempt to put master links to the test as well.

Much to be done in nerdland.

Keep a check on this page and Zero Friction Cycling Facebook page for update test results and graphs, and let the fun begin in Nerdland.

*The key part for the rig is the Loadcell Supplies loadcell, all up 2k magnificent piece of kit that is accurate from 1N to 20,000N force (2000kgf – rounded – enough to hang a good size car from!), with some nice software to record logs


More information coming, let the destruction in the name of science begin…..


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