Adelaide MTB Club


Adelaide MTB Club Race Series 2021


AMBC and Zero Friction Cycling (ZFC) are pleased to announce the return of a points series that runs across the AMBC season.

It is looking to be a very exciting seasons hopefully not interrupted with an apocalypse and containing 3 x XCM rounds and 5 x XCO rounds!

Category winners will be for Solo Male, Solo Female, Junior Male and Junior Female – read further below to see how the points system works and on the leader board itself you will see the points table (sames as the Enduro World Series points table cos thats the coolest mtb points table).

As per last two seasons using a graded points scale as opposed to trying to run a competition across grades is definitely the way to go. Competition by grade gets pretty messy as moving up or down a grade can really fudge with your competition (ie you may have been expecting to win c, but get bumped to B late in season and so finish off podium), and across male, female, junior it is an impossible number of competitions or run & cover.  As such using a points multiplier (another leaf taken from EWS) worked brilliantly last years and rewards riders pushing themselves up grades vs fighting with handicapper to stay in a grade they are winning every round. Points multiplier is as follows;

  • A grade – 1.0
  • B grade – 0.8
  • C grade – 0.7
  • D Grade – 0.6

Full detail on the ZFC points table and points multiplier is below – Have a look at your previous rounds and points allocated plus look at where you may have finished in next grade up plus points allocated and start plotting you plans for next year

For the 2021 season there is also one other key thing to note specific to this year vs previous years – as there are 3 x XCM rounds and 5 x XCO rounds, and consistency for participating across all rounds is main aim of the competition, the XCM rounds will be weighted such that the maximum points possible from the 3x XCM rounds is inline with maximum points possible from the 5 x XCO rounds. This way if your preference / strength is long and strong vs short fast and furious – you are not penalised if your strength is not XCO.

As such the XCM rounds will be given a 1.6x points multiplier AFTER points calculated from main points table for those rounds.

For 2021 Season points from your 6 best rounds out of the 8 rounds total will count towards season total

There will be season champ medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each category as well as vouchers to buy the worlds most proven and tested best products at ZFC.

A little bit about Zero Friction Cycling

Zero Friction Cycling is the WORLDS LEADING independent lubricant and chain testing facility, and uses the information from testing to stock the genuine best products only. ZFC is contracted by many of the worlds largest manufacturers in the lubricant space to test and benchmark lubricants, and if they test extremely well, a full detail review is completed and ZFC stocks and recommends products. If it doesn’t test well, manufacturer keeps working on it and test results remain private. On top of that ZFC tests many lubricants on its own volition to check lofty claims vs reality.

You can find out a lot re zfc by checking for various test articles with cycling tips, Australian Mountain Bike magazine, or listen to podcast interview with cyclings top tech podcast – Marginal Gains –

Remember with drivetrain friction, it is the biggest win win in cycling. Simply ensuring running the right lubricant choice often easily saves a rider 5 to 10w of friction losses vs a random lubricant & maintenance choice, and so not only is that 5 to 10w more of your power propelling you further every pedal stroke, it is 5 to 10w of energy saved that was previously literally going into eating through your drive train components at a much faster rate. Some drivetrain components – especially higher tier components – that cost really really adds up.

Grab a cuppa and have a look at very unique cycling website –

ZFC is also passionate about sponsoring local club events & series – having sponsored for last 3 years the PACC Time trial series, one of sponsors for cyclocross Summer & Winger series, and also a stage sponsor of Tour of Goolwa Masters event.  ZFC is very proud to now be a series sponsor with Adelaide Mountain Bike Club.


NOTE:  You may find it easier to view the spreadsheet in full screen mode in a separate tab, especially on mobile phones and tablets. You may do this by selecting the icon in the lower right hand corner of the spreadsheet that looks like a computer screen.