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There is so much fantastic information out there its almost impossible to know where to start first.  In addition to the vast collection of data on Waxing in my Instructions guides, below you will find some very entertaining and exciting media links to everything related to reducing friction and why I love it!!

Zero Friction Cycling YouTube Channel – New Episodes loaded often

CSA Podcast – EP 143: DriveChain Optimisation

Always Another Adventure YouTube Channel – Best Bike Lube – Saves Big Money!

That Triathalon Show – Chain Lubrication (save watts and money) with Adam Kerin

Endurance Innovation Podcast – Adam Kerin Returns and talks Low Friction

Endurance Innovation Podcast – Adam talks all about Chain Lubrication

Marginal Gains Podcast – Josh and Adam go deep on how proper chain care can repay the rider in so many ways.

Latest Nerd Alert Podcast – most important one yet!! Hosting myself and Jason Smith of friction facts to cover why there is so much conflicting data re lubricant performance claims. Remember – its not just about saving a few watts on race day – if your lubricant is X watts higher than another lubricant, typically those extra watts are LITERALLY GOING STRAIGHT INTO ABRADING THROUGH YOUR DRIVE TRAIN COMPONENTS MUCH FASTER.   This is why proper information vs marketing claims is so important!

Nerd Alert Podcast – An Unhealthy Obsession with Chains

Leadville 100 mile MTB Website Podcast – Finish faster with a well maintained chain. For additional podcast players Click Here.

Seeking the Holy Grail –  A Fast Chain Lube that Saves You Money.

Chain Cleaning – A Complete Guide from Lazy to Obsessive

A Fraction To Much Friction? – How to Wax Your Chain

Bikes of the Bunch – Unno Auro, The Worlds Lightest Mountain Bike Frame

How to Check for Chain Wear  – The Easy Way, The Best Way and Why

Finding the Best Bicycle Chain – What over 3000 Hours of Testing Revealed