PACC Zero Friction Time Trial


Port Adelaide Time Trial Series 2019-2020


Port Adelaide’s Time Trials are back at Outer Harbor this summer.

Time Trials – the race of truth for those who push themselves to the limit, but also a great way for new riders to get to know racing in a friendly environment, where you don’t have to worry about being part of a bunch.

Series Dates

Races will be held on:

  • 1 December
  • 15 December  – Round 2 which was abandoned after a crash
  • 5 January – Round 3 which was cancelled due to Cruise Ship
  • 2 February (Redux)
  • 16 February

Prizes from Zero Friction Cycling

Thanks for the generous and continued support of Zero Friction Cycling, random prize draws will be held each round, with an ultrasonic cleaned and waxed chain on offer.  In addition, we will be age adjusting results and at the end of the series, the top five men and women will receive a voucher from Zero Friction Cycling.

Riders will need to be at rider briefing to claim their prize.