At ZFC  you will find the most carefully selected genuine best in class products that will save you a great bunch of watts for your racing, sportif’s, or just general riding and training.  You can buy the same old run of the mill stuff at hundreds of places at your fingertips, but not here. At ZFC you will find products that genuinely remove easily avoidable drivetrain friction. Thanks to the laws of physics – this means you are propelled forwards faster for the same effort! Not only that, drivetrain friction causes drivetrain wear. Lowering friction often also saves some nice $ in ongoing running costs. Win Win indeed.

Most of the products are focussed on your chain and its lubricant, and for good reason. Whilst your bearings spin lazily in a nice sealed environment, your chain is averaging around 20,000 link articulations a minute – completely exposed to contamination. Any contamination in the lubricant slows things down. A LOT.  And wears things out fast. (*Lab friction tests are usually no indication at all regarding how a lubricant will ACTUALLY perform once you start riding it).

After over five years since the first lube test began - ZFC has some nice accolades to celebrate!

Zero Friction Cycling is now the worlds most referenced independent test facility for lubricant and chain performance.

Zero Friction Cycling has conducted over 300,000km of controlled testing and now with a new expanded test facility, this is expected to grow by around 200,000km per year.

Zero Friction Cycling is used by the many of the worlds best lubricant manufacturers to put their lubricants to the test as well as testing during development.

Zero Friction Cycling uses the test data to lead product selection, only genuinely proven top products are stocked by Zero Friction Cycling.

Zero Friction Cycling is the only other company in the world authorised by Mspeedwax, Silca, and absoluteBlack to be able to offer pre ultrasonic cleaned and prepped chains.

Zero Friction Cycling ultrasonically prepares over 2000 chains per year for demographics ranging from commmuters to national and world level racing. ZFC have years of experience ultrasonically preparing the fastest chains with the fastest known lubricants, and use highest quality pulse & sweep wave ultrasonics through the multiple rounds of cleaning and application.

ZFC is also proud to advise that all solvents used in removing grease / oils are fully recycled onsite via distillers.

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Upcoming Lubricant Tests

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Test 24 – Rex Black Diamond – Completed
Test 23 – Muc-Off Ludicrious AF – Completed
Test 22 – Allied Grax – Completed
Test 21 – Factory Grease – Completed
Test 20 – Ceramic Speed UFO Drip v2 – Completed
Test 19 – Silca Hot Melt Wax – Completed
Test 18 – Silca Synergetic – Completed
Test 17 – AB Graphene Wax – Completed
Test 16 – Silca SS drip Tub – Completed
Test 15 – Nix Frix Shun Blue Devil – Due soon
Test 14 – AB Graphene Lube – Completed

**Above dates are approximate and will be adjusted to progress as needed**

On average you can expect your chain & its lubricant to contribute more friction to your drivetrain than all of your bikes bearings combined (Front and rear wheels, Bottom Bracket, Freehub, Jockey wheels and pedals). So before you spend hundreds and hundreds upgrading your bearings to save a small amount of friction – consider your chain and its lubricant first to save many times more watts and at a fraction of the cost. In fact removing metal eating friction often works out to be quite a cost saving over time.

You will find a huge amount of information on this site,but the short summary is – your chain and its lubricant are the most important drivetrain components. Buying cheap chains to save money just costs you more as they wear out faster – usually taking your cassette with it. And they are often much higher friction. As the hardest working, most important mechanical component by miles – skimping on your chain / lubricant is just plain silly. It is akin to buying a million dollar Ferrari and sticking Bob Jane Allrounder tires on it.

The core products that make it to ZFC online store will have undergone the world’s most exhaustive controlled testing and with detail product reviews and data to back why that product was added, and you will also see why other products were left behind for mass volume stores to sell.

You will find a wealth of information from test the projects in their applicable sections, as well further detailed information on various topics and investigations under the “Instructions” tab.

The test projects never stop as the testing underpins ZFC’s product selection and recommendations. As ZFC only stocks and sells the genuine best in class products and with best in class service and support, ZFC enjoys always super happy customers which certainly is a fun way of doing business!

Have you noticed that there are about 100 lubricants on the market that all happen to claim they are the top lubricant with the lowest friction performance, clean as they lube, repel dust and grit etc etc Have you noticed that you are still cleaning a bunch of black messy stuff off your chain and drive train and still replacing chains & cassettes by around 5000km ish?

There are now around 100 lubricants that deliver amazing day in day out performance. How do you separate out which lubricant delivers on its marketing claims and which brings little more to market than just great marketing?

How do you know who makes the fastest chain/s? Or the longest lasting? (or sometimes a pretty good balance of those two key attributes).

If you race and want to save a bunch of watts currently being lost in your drive train efficiency based on extremely robust and independent testing & facts – ZFC is the site for you.

If you train a lot and are tired of ripping through chains and cassettes as well as fighting a never ending and time consuming battle to keep drivetrain clean – ZFC is the site for you.

If you ride casually / commute and don’t care about watts but you do care about parts longevity, low drivetrain maintenance and running costs – ZFC is the site for you.

If you like the nerdy side of cycling and want to see open independent test results as well as full detail on test protocols – ZFC is the site for you. Make a cuppa (or 3) and strap yourself in.

The bicycle is a truly magnificent machine. Life is too short to ride high friction, high parts wearing, dirty gritty drivetrains.

Welcome to Zero Friction Cycling and say goodbye to easily avoidable friction.

Welcome to Zero Friction Cycling and say hello to objective testing and facts vs marketing hyperbole.

(*Note we do also offer outstanding bearing upgrades – our two very carefully assessed and selected bearing suppliers – Kogel and HSC – both offer a great genuine upgrade on stock bearings, and at a fair and sane price. Is it worth spending $100 to $300 to genuinely save some watts on average stock bearings? in my view yes. Is it worth spending another couple hundred of top of that with some brands to save an extra 0.05w – maybe – on what Kogel and HSC offer – that becomes a more difficult recommendation. I do not believe you can find better genuine watts saving + dependable performance bearing upgrades for the $ versus Kogel / HSC).

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