We specialise in the fun world of ultra low friction race chains, as well as how to switch to the vastly superior way of lubricating your everyday chain – using beautifully clean wax instead of dirty gritty oil.

But our key product is bringing Race Chain Re-Optimisation to the market. With this service, ultra low friction race chains are no longer just for professional racers.  Prior to this service coming to market, once the ultra low friction treatment had worn off, you had a new training chain.

Now Zero Friction Cycling can keep those good times rolling with your Molten Speed Wax Race Chain or Ceramic Speed UFO chain able to be Re-Optimised many times.

This is done at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new Race Chain, so now you can have ultra low friction race chain performance for many, many races.

Zero Friction Cycling is also the first to focus specifically on Off Road Race Chains where the advantages vs an oil chain are very big indeed.

About Race Chains

For something as simple as swapping your chain for race day, you can save an easy 2-6 watts (at 250 watt power) vs your current oiled chain, and this friction saving figure just goes up and up at higher watts output.
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Road Race Chains

This is a top level chain of your choice that has undergone exacting mechanical break-in, ultrasonic cleaning, wax and powder treatment to attain the lowest friction race chain.
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Off Road Chains

Noticed how your oiled chain imports as much of the environment as possible and shoves it into your chain? Well, our Off Road Race Chains don’t do that! They will start a race much lower friction than your oiled chain, and finish even further ahead!
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Waxing At Home

Tired of always trying to keep your chain & drivetrain clean? Tired of how fast your chains and cassettes wear out? Ever thought there must be a better way if only you could find the right lubricant? Well, now you have.
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