MSW Race Chain

MSW Race Chain


A fully optimized race chain saves a lot of watts! Your chain works orders of magnitude harder than your bearings, and operates completely externally.  A race chain will usually deliver many times the watts savings vs bearing upgrades and at a fraction of the price.  Molten Speed Wax Race Chains have undergone exacting mechanical break-in, ultrasonic cleaning and wax and powder treatment to attain the lowest friction chain.

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**Note 12 Speed option coming soon**

A fully optimized race chain saves a lot of watts! Your chain works orders of magnitude harder than your bearings, and operates completely externally. A race chain will usually deliver many times the watts savings vs bearing upgrades and at a fraction of the price.

Expect at least 2 to 6 watts savings vs your current drip lube chain – at 250w load. Note that chain friction increases almost linear to rider load – so you can expect these savings to be almost double at 500w, and almost triple by 750w etc. Power climbs – surges – attacks – sprints…. Its big savings indeed. If you are not that high a power rider – then every watt is precious!

What’s in a watt? It is good fun to play with You will see for most rider weights that every watt of friction you remove from your drive train – this is equivalent to taking around 250 to 300grams of dead weight off your bicycle on a 5% grade. So taking 5w out is like taking a couple of full bidons of water off your bike. Pretty handy considering it is as easy as swapping chains. Every watt you don’t lose to easily avoidable friction is another watt propelling you forwards faster for the same effort.

A note on wax and powder race chains – They are the fastest chains you can get, and unlike the vast majority of drip lube chains – they remain extremely close to lab test performance for the lifespan of the treatment, whereas most drip lube chains begin increasing in friction from KM zero as they grab and hold airborne dust and contaminants. Your chain performs around 20,000 link articulations a minute – any contamination slows things down – a lot. You wouldn’t ride without dust seals on your bearings because you know that in short order they will be running gritty and performing poorly. What do you think is happening with your hardest working part whizzing around completely exposed to the elements?

A clean chain is a fast chain, and no chain is as resistant to friction increases as a wax and powdered race chain.

What is a fully optimized MSW race chain? It is a chain that has been exactingly broken in (which is very important!), ultrasonically cleaned, ultrasonically waxed with Molten Speed Wax, the wax is broken in, then race powder application. (*The race powder used by MSW is a blend of ultra fine pure Teflon and Molybdenum – tested to be twice as effective as pure Teflon powder alone).

A Molten Speed Wax Race Chain is suitable for all road and off road racing. It is amazing in dust, mud and water as being solid it is the lubricant most resistant to friction increases. Like all lubricants however the more extreme the conditions, the shorter the lifespan of the lubricant. MSW will last through any CX or XC race, and most enduro’s unless very long & or long and wet.

For extreme endurance events (8 to 12 hours off road or 3 hours solid wet conditions road / offroad) recommend Extreme Endurance Race chain. For normal dry road conditions it is ultra low friction for at least 300km road and 8 to 12 hours off road.

*Note a Race chain is not a one off expensive purchase. Your race chain can be easily re optimized either by sending back to ZFC, or by re treating at home – full guide is provided on request.  One of the smartest and cost effective ways to save a bunch of watts is to have a dedicated Race Chain and training chain.  Race chain is kept at mint performance for races, training chain you hammer away for your weekly miles.  When training chain hits 0.5 wear mark on park tool cc3.2 checker, Race chain moves over to become training chain, purchase new Race Chain.  You will always need another chain sooner or later – pre buying your next chain as a Race Chains is simply a very smart, very cost effective way to save great watts on race day.

**If you have seen the Friction Facts testing data you will see that straight Molten Speed Wax came out on top at 4.6w.  A chain that has been properly broken in and race prepped is at least 0.5w faster, and the race powder improves wax alone performance by around 6%.  So all MSW race chains you can expect to be in high 3’s to 4w @ 250w load.  MSW spent years perfecting break in, cleaning and application techniques to attain fastest end results, and all chains are meticulously prepared by hand.


“Shimano /Sram / Camapnolo / KMC products cannot be sold directly by ZFC.  By selecting this product you are giving permission for ZFC to purchase the chain from an authorised retailer on your behalf, send to Molten Speed Wax for treatment, and then shipped back to you. The final cost reflects retail purchase of the chain, MSW race treatment, and shipping costs to and from USA”.

Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 12 x 11 x 1.5 cm

10 Speed, 11 Speed, 12 Speed


YBN SLA Silver, YBN SLA Gold, YBN SLA Black, YBN Titanium Gold, YBN Titanium Silver, SRAM Red 22, SRAM XX1, SRAM Eagle XX1 Gold, SRAM Eagle XX1 Black, Shimano DA/XTR, Campagnolo Record