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What is a Molten Speed Wax Race Chain?

Your chain is the hardest working and highest friction drivetrain part on your bicycle, by a big margin. This means there are big opportunities to save a lot of watts in lost friction. A clean chain is much faster than a dirty chain. A chain treated with the lowest friction lubricant will obviously also be faster.

A Molten Speed Wax Race Chain is top level chain that has been broken in with a very specific process, it is then perfectly ultrasonically cleaned, treated with the lowest friction lubricant, and then a race powder application to achieve an ultra low friction chain. It will be much lower friction than any oiled chain you are currently running, and swapping chains for race day is one of the easiest ways to get free watts pushing you forwards vs being lost to friction!

What is the Re-Optimisation Service?

Re-Optimisation is fully restoring your Race Chain’s ultra low friction treatment (Re Optimising). Your chain undergoes multiple ultrasonic cleans until it is again perfectly clean, it is then re-treated with Molten Speed Wax, the wax treatment is broken in on a motorised drivetrain, and finished with multiple race powder applications, the powder being run in between applications.

Re-Optimising your race chain is done at a fraction of the cost of buying a new race chain, and can be done at least 5 times. This gives you around 1,800 racing kilometres of ultra low friction, which is for most a lot of races!

This service completely opens up the market as to whom can now afford to use an ultra low friction race chain, don’t be stuck on gritty high friction oil whilst your competitors are getting free watts every pedal stroke!

What is an Off Road Race Chain?

An Off Road Race Chain is a more economical way bring the benefits of using a super clean, Molten Speed Wax treated chain into the world of dirt, dust, water and mud. This environment is one where oil performs particularly poorly. The friction gap between an oiled chain which grabs as much of the environment as possible and shoves it into the hard working parts of your chain, vs the lowest friction lubricant on the market which is a solid wax and is greatly resistant to this contamination is very big indeed. It will start a race much lower friction vs your oiled chain, and finish in a different friction league all together. Think if you would take all the dust seals off you wheel and bottom bracket bearings and how they would feel at the end of an off road race? Well that’s what your oiled chain is doing, and it has been doing it for a longer, and if you were planning to race on the same oil chain you train on, you are basically running sandpaper for lubricant. Cleaning the outside of the chain does nothing to help the grinding paste between the pin and roller and inner and outer plates.

As the ultra low friction treatment will wear off much more quickly in off road racing (like any other lubricant), a lower level of ultrasonic cleaning is performed to keeps costs down and make race chains at a viable price point for Off Road Racing. The main thing is to be running a very clean chain, with the lowest friction lubricant that is a solid and so stays super low friction in the off road world and you are getting many of your hard earned watts back!

How long does the Off Road treatment last?

Dry conditions up to 4-6 hours racing, wet or muddy conditions re treatment required after each race, and taking note of the post race care instructions included with your chain.

What if I am doing a long Enduro?

If doing a longer event that will require chain to be re-lubricated during the event (i.e 12hr or 24hour enduro etc, please only use Squirt lubricant. This lubricant is highly wax based with a carrier fluid. Whilst like using an oil the dirt dust and grime will stick, it still runs cleaner than any oil we know of at the moment, as well as testing as the lowest friction of any drip lubricant.

What is the Off Road Re-Optimisation Service?

Again, very similar to the full Race Chain re-optimisation but with a single round of ultrasonic cleaning vs multiple rounds, and a single application of Teflon powder vs multiple applications of race powder. This keeps the cost of Re-Optimising down and makes it viable for Off Road Racers and the more frequent treatments required.

Again the main objective is to simply be running a very clean, Molten Speed Wax treated chain and you are miles ahead of the friction monster your current oiled chain is. Even if you take into your own hands removing your chain and giving it multiple solvent baths / rinses to clean and then re-oil before a race, it will still be much higher friction than an Off Road Race Chain. Already the chain is so contaminated between the pins and rollers from running oil it would take a lot of ultrasonic cleaning to get properly clean, and also all of that hard work is undone in no time at all as soon as you add oil and start riding on dirt. No matter what you do to it, your oiled chain just cannot remotely compete with an Off Road Race Chain.

Is it hard to take chains on and off to use race chains for events ? (or to switching to waxing all the time?)

Not at all. There are two main options for removing and re-installing your chains to swap from training chains to race chains and back, or to go to waxing all the time for training chains.

The first option is to use the YBN master link. These hold many advantages over other master link offerings in that they are re-useable 5 times (most others on the market are single use), and are very well priced. With the YBN master link removal and connect pliers it is an absolute doddle. It takes about 15seconds to remove chain and 30 seconds to put a chain back on.

The second option is to use a Wipperman connex link. They are relatively new to 11speed, and unlike their 10speed counterparts are unfortunately priced a lot higher. However they are still worth every cent. They allow for easy removal and installation of your chain without any tools, and last the lifespan of the chain (which for those whom are waxing, is a very long time!).

*Please note the wipperman connex appear to not be compatible with SRAM chains. You would think 11speed chains would all be the same width, but no….. YBN, KMC, Shimano are all very similar widths, Campagnolo are a few decimal points of a mm narrower. SRAM are a touch wider than everyone. This slight extra width means the wipperman connex is too tight.  For SRAM chains, use the YBN master link.

How long will a 1lb bag of wax last?

  • Last longer
  • You don’t have to spend $ fighting the ever losing battle cleaning your chain and drivetrain with degreasers or solvents or other expensive cleaners.
  • You save time not doing this messy never ending cleaning. Waxing you spend a few more minutes at the front end, but for those who like a clean drivetrain, you save that threefold at the other end.
  • You don’t have to feel guilty about pouring solvents or similar down the drain or somewhere you think is ok in your backyard.
  • Greatly extend the lifespan of your chain, cassettes, chain rings and jockey wheels. Personally I am getting a whopping 10,000 to 14,000km from training chains before it hits the earliest wear mark on the chain wear tool, and replacing at this mark I am getting 3 chains to a cassette. Cassette’s and chain rings will likely outlast my bikes!

So depending on mileage, longer term even just over a year or two, for most waxing will work out cheaper overall. And it’s simply FLAT OUT BETTER in every single way vs oil. It’s not even a close contest. There are not many things in life where you get something far superior for less overall cost. This one of those very rare things.

Do I need to clean my wax drive train?

Chains – No. Training chains simply pop off your bike, into the wax, hang to dry, break wax bond on each link after dry, back on bike. You will always have a magnificently clean, very low friction, very long lasting chain.

Cassettes – about ever 1000km you need to just run a toothpick or similar to clear wax build up in the channel between 11tooth and 12tooth cogs. Otherwise the chain may start to jump in the 11 tooth cog. This  takes about 1 minute.

Over time you will see some wax build up on sides of cassette teeth but you don’t have to clean, it won’t build up too much, it is self limiting. And unlike with oil, this is a build up of the lowest friction lubricating wax on the planet, so its all good.

However, if you like to keep your cassette looking super clean, the good news is it is no so easy! With a small but fairly stiff wire brush, remove back wheel and give it 30 seconds to a minutes work with the brush, and all clean!! So good!

Chain Rings – Again over time you will see wax build up just below the teeth, this brushes off in seconds with either small wire brush or even just wipe off with a cloth. – Literally 30 seconds to a minutes work.

Jockey Wheels – Yet again, any wax build up over time just brushes off with cloth – 30 seconds work!

Using Molten speed wax, a full drive train clean takes about 3 to 5 minutes every thousand km or so, and without all the horrible crap and mess you have with oil, no solvents or degreaser or petrol.

What is the difference between an Off Road Race Chain and a Molten Speed Wax Race Chain?

Off Road Race Chains are prepared in house at Zero Friction Cycling and undergo a specific break in, solvent cleaning, two rounds of Ultrasonic Cleaning, treatment with Molten Speed wax and Teflon powder. It is a very very fast chain that is highly impervious to getting slower due to dirt dust and mud.


A Molten Speed Wax Race Chain undergoes a similar but even more detailed treatment path. They have spent years developing and testing every aspect of every step to attain what yields the lowest friction possible. It is a simply unmatched level of preparation that delivers what we believe is the fastest possible chain you can buy.

If it is an A priority Race , even for Off Road, and you want to run the absolute lowest friction possible, select a Molten Speed Wax Race Chain!!