Latest Zero Friction Cycling News #21 – Updated test data and detail review!

Sorry been a bit since last update – have I mentioned busy?!

Going to be doing my best to catch up on a bunch of stuff – on that front I shall not ramble on.

As part of last project week I did a big change on lubricant page. The graphs were now too busy to keep adding lubricants, and the block by block data still made it tricky for many to ascertain what was the right lube choice for them. Ie a lubricant might have similar total wear by X block, but what was behind that may have been completely different.

Ie lubricant A may have had significant initial penetration issues and so recorded a very high wear rate in block 1, and but then a very impressive wear rate in block 2 (dry contamination block). Lubricant B may have done well in block 1 as a decent wet lube so no penetration issues, but then had a significant increase in wear once contamination was added. Similar total wear after those 2 blocks, but for completely different reasons.

If rider 1 only rides on road then the wet lube may be a great lube for them, however if they rode gravel, not so much etc.

Also – many of the latest and greatest lubricant releases have had price tags that can be eyebrow raising for lots of cyclists who typically expect to pay in the $15 to $25 range – yet IF the lubricant can deliver extremely low wear rates – then the cost to run your groupset with a $55 bottle of lubricant can be lower.

So out with the block by block graphs, and in with data tables with expanded cost to run modelling covering more groupsets and riding conditions.

Check out the lubricant test page to see the changes and this will help you decide lubricant for you & your riding. I still need to complete a lubricant choice matrix as other factors like prep, penetration issues, treatment lifespan, maintenance etc all factor into one’s decision – until that is done apologies – read detail review for the lubricants you are interested in, its all covered. And then some.

Lubricant Detail Reviews;

UFO Drip New formula – DONE – Up on website now.

Silca Hot Melt – Tested – hoping to have up in approx. 2 weeks.

Factory Grease Test – Done – mini detail review up soon hopefully

Graphene Lube – I cannot do a detail review due to NDA – but I will put up a mini overview of the lubricant that will not breach NDA as there is a reason I stock it – it is very good – but yes it has some quirks (ie the initial application and best way to maintain).

Graphene Wax – on Test now – Will be a bit till detail review – I need to move to the single application longevity part of testing now which will take a couple weeks at least as this is pretty in depth (new and improved single application longevity test protocol) – but as a prelude – it hasn’t gone that well. Not terrible, but nowhere near like graphene lube, msw, hot melt, ss drip, ufo, tru tension tungsten all weather. Damn. I was quite looking forward to stocking those very hot looking wax blocks and having a graphene lube & graphene wax bundle – but at this time graphene wax will not be making the cut, not at all. I will need to chat to AB re the testing once I have had a chance to punch in the running sheet and have the block by block data – but yup – the short version is it blew past wear allowance by end of wet contamination block 4, whereas some others above have had plenty to spare at the end of extreme contamination block 6 – including another ab product I do stock, so this has been a big surprise.

I have a feeling that AB will push hard for a re-test, and I will if I can, but its going to be tricky as I am super mega ultra premium booked for 2021 already.

Silca Synergetic – On test now – hopefully full detail review approx. 4weeks.

Silca SS Tub – To be on test post Synergetic.

Nix Frix Shun Blue Devil – Planned to be post Silca Tub.

I have received many requests to test some other potentially very good lubricants and I do take requests seriously WHEN THEY ARE BACKED BY SOME SOLID DATA – ie using a proven accurate chain wear checker like shimano TL-CN-42 or you can very accurately measure manually with calipers, and you have accurately tracked chain km’s – if I get a sufficient number of requests for a lubricant with data I can have some confidence in, this helps – this is what led me to test original NFS and Tru-Tension.

I have a lot of testing booked for manufacturers for some commonly requested lubricants to test – I cannot say whom due to NDA’s – but – if you are wondering why isn’t ZFC testing X lube as its awesome – I might just be – all going well with testing usually NDA is torn up and I can do a detail review. If testing doesn’t go so well…. NDA usually would stay in place.

At this stage the above, plus re -testing the top lubes in new single application longevity protocol, and the number of manufacturer booked tests – even now with 3 machines up and running, that’s basically 2021 booked solid.

But – stay tuned will update when get more lubes completed on the single application longevity test protocol as again one of the most common questions I get is re X lube lasting for X event, and also I really really need to try to get the lubricant reviews moved over to you tube vs being novella’s – but then I need to start doing a stack of stuff on you tube – it really is in the plans, just yup – its been big big big days with the move, the new workshop build & set up, getting extra machines online & staying on top of retail side + testing side – I getting there on all fronts – its just my hobby business has gone a little bit bigger than planned!

Which of course is awesome – thanks to all as always for your support – Little ZFC ultrasonically prepped nearly 2000 chains last year with the fastest known lubricants, had quite a number of product expansions to those that proved themselves worthy, and thanks to both customer support and media such as cycling tips and marginal gains – helping ZFC get more & improved information out to the cycling world about how to prevent your drivetrain meeting a premature death by abrasion from a powerfully marketed but shite lubricant or random lube choice.

K – sorry, I thought this was going to be shorter, but once those fingers start…. Right better let you go to check out exciting things like data tables and latest detail review on UFO new formula!!!

Have fun out there and stay low friction.