Behind ZFC selling you a super low friction / chain / lubricant and the literally thousands of hours that have gone into testing to find what to stock and what to not, is also a key drive to greatly reduce / eliminate need for cyclists to use / improperly dispose of solvents at their home for either initial chain prep or ongoing chain maintenance.  

Most of the top recommended lube choices for the majority of cyclists need zero solvent maintenance, just hot water. For factory grease, zfc pre prepped nearly 2000 chains last year, being the only other authorised company in the world outside of mspeedwax, silca and ab graphene allowed to prep and sell chains pre ultrasonic cleaned and prepped with those products as the companies have 100 percent confidence that every chain prepped by zfc with their product name on it will done to perfection. I take a lot of pride in every pre prepped chain going out to a customer starting a new much lower friction life – and by using alcohol distillers, i can easily re cycle back the solvents used at zfc leading to almost zero solvent disposal and waste each year (any that is needed is of course done via the correct path!). After recycling back thousands of litres, the original distillers were showing their age and so will move over to be back up units now, with new distillers for the new workshop! 🤘(you need a separate one for metho and one for turps – and for those thinking of doing this as well, its not quite plug n play as turps fumes eat the included gaskets, flammable vapours..thereare some tricks one needs to do… Its really only worth it if prepping chains on a commercial scale).

The 15amp nisbett induction plate had been magnificent, proper industrial / commercial grade, i can zoom back 10 litres of turps. In about 2hrs 😜.

Save watts. Save a shipload of wear. Save degreasers / solvents ending up goodness knows where from countless backyards around oz (and the world) – if unsure simply go pre prepped / send in yr chain – and move to a proven top lubricant that requires either no solvent maintenance or just boiling water rinses post decent wet rides. Cycling maintenance / dealing with factory grease shld also be green!