Latest News #13 – ZFC Move, Shipping Delays & Project Updates

ZFC is still moving!!!  Thanks all yes i must say i knew the move wld be big, but its been enormous, have spent last 2 days dealing with contractors vs setting up new workshop, i very behind, and very tired. I need to get set up done, testing back up and running, catch up on orders, and then i think after 3.5years without a holiday, its time to start taking a week off each school hols to play with my little guy. Ive missed playing with him a lot this last week which has been crazy amount of work and no play!

Sadly with many hiccups happening at this moment (for example limited running water) I am falling way behind in my ability to get the new wizbang workshop up and running.  I have many meetings with contractors all this week and as such I am going to have to stay closed until the 28th of December.

What does this mean, well all orders placed after the 17th of December will likely not get processed until the 29th of December.  If you have texted me already I will try my best but more than likely I will be unable to begin processing orders until the 29th.   I haven’t even been able to open my computer since the 17th!!  In fact, I am not 100% sure I know where my computer is at the moment.  haha

Thanks for your patience during ZFC big move to new custom workshop time + Mr Low Friction possibly spending a few days under a general anaesthetic for a rest!

But more seriously – sincere thanks to all of my customers for making 2020 a super fun year for Zero Friction Cycling. It has been your patronage that has made the independent testing model feasible, and you putting the good word out on the street that has raised ZFC profile to the level where ZFC has been noticed by some groovy organisations such as Cycling Tips and Marginal Gains.

Have a great X-mas period of a bit of rest + some awesome riding, stay safe out there, and I’m excited about an even lower friction 2021!!!

Best regards

Adam Kerin