Latest new 44 – Revolube Launch and Take 2 of Retail Supreme Leader!



Supreme Leader First

Super exciting. After take one fail about 6 months ago I took a pause re splitting off retail side, but the fact I have had to close the webstore & contact form for 1.5 weeks to try to stay on top of work – It is clear I very much needed to try again!

A very groovy man (should also be an official qualification / title) – Andrew Field – will be being trained up first on domestic orders then int’l, then chain preps and over time will step more and more into helping with enquiries. That should mean less people receive a 16 page response to a basic question. Maybe 😉.

Andrew is an extremely experienced top level bike mechanic of 3 decades experience, and a car / truck mechanic previous to switching to the wonderful world of bicycles. Also a gun mtb rider / racer, and also a long time waxer because isn’t it funny how many smart people that makes obvious sense to do (even more so for offroad riding).

I can’t wait. Apologies to all re the closure for this project week, but let me tell you, I have been drowning with both retail and testing sides of ZFC simply adding up to more than one person job, and I have been slowly but steadily drowning – and very pleasingly with always solid growth on both sides – I really needed to find the right person for a take 2 for retail side.

Soon I will be able to get cracking on updating information and improving website resources much better vs some clunky docs and guides at the moment, as well as catch up on big (and growing) back log of lubricant reviews, lubricant choice matrix and much more. And hopefully avoid future webstore / enquiry closures.


Revolube has been another exciting lubricant ZFC has been testing for a fair while now starting around mid last year.

Revolube has a huge and varied background experience providing class leading lubricant options to Motorsport, Fishing, chainsaw, hunting, 3d printing – and also cycling. They really, really know lubrication, and how to make a product that will meet the specific needs of the use case.

Unlike a lot of cycling lubricants on the market that were previously “A LUBRICANT” for something re bottled as a bicycle chain lubricant – Revolube is a product with a huge amount of engineering behind it to be specific for use on a bicycle chain.

And of course, just because a company engineers a product specifically for a use case, that doesn’t mean the outcome is guaranteed. At some point manufacturers who have invested X into a product need to go to market and get revenue from the product, and they will obviously go to market claiming all sorts of wonderful things about the product – whether they achieved those objectives or not. As we know, bicycle chain lubricants are a hugely crowded market with literally hundreds of apparently amazing products, of which an amazing amount rapidly wear through our drivetrains.

That is why it is always exciting when a genuinely great product, for its intended use case, is discovered.

Why Revolube?

The summary is the product;

  • Is very long lasting per treatment
  • Is very low wear (which bodes well for extremely low friction)
  • The combination of the above has Revolube and Mspeedwax basically even re total cost to run.
  • If not over applied it remains very clean (for a wet lube)
  • Easy to maintain

In short, it is just another genuine top wet lubricant option. Whilst it isn’t as long lasting per treatment as say record setting Rex Black diamond – it is cleaner, which will appeal to many, and still very long lasting – it is like EV’s – how much range do you need?

A bottle is not that cheap, but like the other top wet lubricants (Silca Synergetic / Rex Black Diamond), a bottle will LAST AGES due to low application amount and long treatment lifespan.

Refer to product info for the product on ZFC website or on Revolubes website if want a deeper dive.

But one thing you do know, if it is recommended and stocked by ZFC as a truly top product choice, then that is what it is!!

Detail review to be completed when I can – still wrapping up some final testing for Revolube using the product mixed with their chain grease for wet weather riding – once all testing finished will have everything I need for the full detail review.

Hope you all have a had a grand weekend of riding!