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Adelaide MTB Club Race Series 2019


AMBC and Zero Friction Cycling (ZFC) are pleased to announce the return of a points series that runs across the AMBC season.

Work has been happening during the 2019 season to refine the ZFC points series.
As grades make calculations tricky (due to individuals moving up/down grades), a leaf has been taken from EWS using a points multiplier approach. The points multiplier rewards riders for moving themselves up into a harder grade.

  • A grade – 1.0
  • B grade – 0.8
  • C grade – 0.7
  • D Grade – 0.6

Full detail on the ZFC points table and points multiplier is below – Have a look at your previous rounds and points allocated plus look at where you may have finished in next grade up plus points allocated and start plotting you plans for next year

As the ZFC series is being released late in the season – the 2019 season Medals will be awarded to 1 st , 2nd  and 3rd  for top points earners in Solo Male, Solo Female and Junior. This will expand for 2020 so stay tuned.

For the 2019 season the best 5 of 6 rounds are counted from the 3 XCM and 3 XCO races – so Sheps XCO is last chance to bag a swag of points!

For 2020 Season, the series will run across the entire season including summer, the XCM rounds and XCO rounds.

As per previous years Series formula, an individual’s worst round will be dropped. Like any series, the ZFC series very much rewards frequent participation and consistency, a worthy skill in itself!

For the 2020 Season Zero Friction Cycling will sponsor the following prizes at seasons end;

Medals for 1st , 2nd , 3rd  for Solo male, Solo Female and Junior. E-bike series will also be considered.

A Molten Speed Wax prepared top level chain of choice (pending groupset being run, so may be xx1 or xtr 12spd, 11spd etc) for top 5 placed riders in Solo Male, Solo Female, Junior are up for grabs.

A little bit about Zero Friction Cycling

Zero Friction Cycling is a boutique business with a difference. Rather than just stock a bunch of stuff that looks on trend and makes big claims, the products selected and stocked by ZFC have undergone the worlds most exhaustive controlled testing. ZFC main focus is on lubricant and chain performance as that is the easy low hanging fruit for watts savings, and the bonus is the highest performing lubricants also save significant drivetrain wear costs as those watts saved are otherwise literally going into eating through ones chain / cassette / chain ring etc.

The testing by ZFC has already featured in magazines and more articles will be forthcoming post TDF as year long chain longevity test project concludes, lubricant testing round 2 begins, as does a tensile strength test project. A significant amount of revenue is invested into testing projects that provide information of benefit to cyclists of all demographics.

Grab a cuppa and have a look at very unique cycling website –

ZFC is also passionate about sponsoring local club events & series – having sponsored for last 2 years the PACC Time trial series, one of sponsors for cyclocross Summer & Winger series, and also a stage sponsor of Tour of Goolwa Masters event.  ZFC is very proud to now be a series sponsor with Adelaide Mountain Bike Club.


NOTE:  You may find it easier to view the spreadsheet in full screen mode in a separate tab, especially on mobile phones and tablets. You may do this by selecting the icon in the lower right hand corner of the spreadsheet that looks like a computer screen.