Latest News 46 – STORE CLOSURE



Reminder webstore and enquiry form will be closing as of close of business tonight as I take my first weeks rest for the year to play with mini me during school holidays. This will hopefully be last store closure as Groovy Man Andrew should be up an running for next project week.  Andrew will be filling what MSW back orders we can whilst I’m on leave when some MSW finally arrives soon.

WHERES MY Mspeedwax??!!

Delays are looking worse than hoped. Some is coming, but not enough. More is promised as soon as possible – but how fast the shipments are coming and how much will be in them, I will know more when back from leave.

I am going to leave on back order for now since the retail store will be closing for a bit anyhoo, if not for that I would be moving from back order to out of stock status until I know more as back order list and potential wait time is getting a little interesting. Stay tuned.

Orders already placed please rest assured MSW are working their butski’s off to get ZFC more wax – depending on where you are in the queue delay is still now likely in the 2 to 4 week mark for ZFC to fill – apologies again on behalf of MSW re global supply chain snafu.

Ludicrous AF Detail Review

Detail review for Ludicrous AF is up on lubricant test page on website;

There was a bit of delay on this as the review was sent to Muc-Off for input  / right of reply re a number of concerns raised. M-O had committed to a date to submit their reply for me to include un-edited in the detail review, this date has passed by a fair bit – so it is going to be published sans M-O input at this time, should they address the concerns / send their right of reply I will edit the detail review to include and re -upload and update in latest news.

Muc-Off Files Part 1

Last week I had a youtube film day – again I was hoping the first vid on muc off files was going to include their response to all those questions and concerns I sent to them that still needed a lot of information / confirmation / clarification from the call I had with their R&D lab.

This was due same time as their input into detail review, but was not forthcoming. They are advising covid staff shortages re delay, but it has been a fair bit past committed date now. And really – in my personal opinion, the head of the M-O lab should be able to answer all of the questions in about 1 hour of work, if he is allowed to just sit down and tap out the honest answers to the questions.

How many people need to ensure the correct answer to such things they would know extremely well such as how did you only use FTT machine to test at X time when you produced X illogical test results, what is your test protocol now etc etc – the head of the test lab would know the answers to all questions and concerns raised of course. Some of the concerns are pretty big, and it is very important re manufacturer efficiency testing and claims going forwards for the industry as a whole.

For more information refer to previous latest news on muc off files part 1, and also Youtube episode 11 on lubricant testing.

So that’s mini background again – but for the latest vid – episode 16, that should be uploaded today – I am only able to cover the situation from ZFC perspective as we know it today, without M-O input back.

This is ok as it will really set the scene re this extremely important aspect for lubricant performance claims and the frankly huge concerns re some mfg testing.

It is worth noting that M-O contest ZFC’s testing re wear rate correlation linking to increased friction losses – I am biased, but I think it is worth hearing my initial response to this to explain the link, especially as it applies to M-O lubricants tested to date.

A quick apologies also re next round of vids, I was really tired on film day and really struggled to put sentences together and some cohesive structure. I fumbled my way through them, but hope they still come across ok. When I have my retail manager fully up and running and I actually have time to prep for the vids vs just winging them on the day, I hope to do much better over time, thank you for all who bear with me at the moment, hopefully they still provide some value in the interim until I can improve which is my commitment and shall be done!