Molten Race Powder

Molten Race Powder


This amazing ultra fine powder is a mix of pure Teflon and Molybdenum and is a crucial part of Race Chain preparation and Re-Optimisations. For those who are waxing at home and preparing their own race chains, this is the powder to add after a fresh waxing and once the wax has been broken in for around 30 to 40 minutes of riding and prior to your race to reduce friction by a further approx. 6%, and keep ultra low friction performance running longer.

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This is an ultrafine blend of pure dupont PTFE (Teflon) and Molybdenum. Not only does powdering up ones Molten Speed Wax chain reduce friction by a further approx. 6%, it also takes up space in the chain that airborne dust would otherwise love to occupy, keeping the ultra low friction wax at its best for longer.

Great for re-optimising your own race chains at home, as well as keeping powdered up in between races.

A tub lasts a VERY long time – if powdering up your race chain every weekend, it should last you a year.

Quick instructions on applying race powder – it cannot be applied to a freshly waxed chain as the chain is pretty locked full of wax and powder will not be able to penetrate. Break in freshly waxed chain with 30 to 45 mins riding. A light shakedown ride on race bike day before race is perfect. Get a small aluminium bbq tray and bend it into a U shape to catch excess powder. Pour a small amount of powder into bbq tray. Holding u shaped tray under chain, powder top span of chain above chain stay, then powder bottom span of chain. Excess powder should be caught in bbq tray. Back pedal for a fresh span of chain, then repeat powdering top span and bottom span until all chain has been thoroughly powdered. Use small paint brush (or even best is a soft make up brush :)). Wear gloves, and wear a dust mask.  Again – it may be a bit of faffing, but for the absolute fastest chains that stay ultra low friction, you cannot beat a MSW treated and race powdered chain , and you get very fast and efficient at this in no time, it is just holding a tray under chain and brushing powder on.

Re-powder in between every race / ride until re wax, then commence powdering again after wax break in.

The gun metal grey may not  stand out in the peleton as much as white Teflon only powdered race chains – but function over form. The blend is flat out faster than just white PTFE alone, and the moly stops PTFE clumping. For those who have powdered with both just PTFE and Race powder, you can tell straight away just how much finer and more penetrating MSW race powder is. If you are going to prep the fastest race chains at home, this is THE powder to use.

Full instructions for preparing race chains at home are emailed with race powder purchase – alternatively detailed instructions are also on Molten Speed Wax website.

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