Track BMX

Track BMX


ZFC is proud to be one of only two places on earth as far as we know where you can purchase a fully optimised race chain for track and bmx, but we have the best range! With the huge power involved in track and bmx, and with chain friction scalable to load, there is a big bunch of easy watts to be saved here with a race chain. And with the generally low number of km’s being done in track and bmx races, the treatment will last many races before you need to have chain re-optimised.


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At Zero Friction Cycling we the best range of pre prepped chains  – not by colour – but by level of preparation to suit your budget.

As friction in a chain increases almost linearly with rider load – running a race chain that saves you “X” watts at 250w load vs your drip lube – it will just save you more and more as the power goes up.

We offer either pre cleaned and treated with Molten Speed wax, or fully prepped and optimised race chains prepped by MSW themselves in America, across YBN 410, Izumi std, and Izumi Super Toughness.

The YBN 410 is the lightest duty 1/8th chain, and is a great choice for lower power riders for pursuit etc. It is not the best choice for a sprint chain. It is beautiful to ride, and easier to re wax vs the super super tight tolerances of the izumi chains where getting penetration to the pin is more fun.

The Izumi std I recommend for riders with up to around 1500w sprint power, if you have more oomph than that or simply want the undisputed gold standard track chain – then go the super toughness.

Initial prep  for track chains for waxing is a bit trickier than derailleur chains. Derailleur chains are flexible and have comparatively big spaces making it easier to clean factory grease / drip lubes off all surfaces of chain, and to get wax penetration in.

Track chains are a bushing type design, and most like the Izumi’s are made to extremely tight tolerances – and there is no lateral flex. Therefore ensuring all previous lubricant cleaned off and no film left which would affect wax adherence takes more attention, and the same with wax penetration to the pin.

It is recommended if looking to use Molten speed wax for your race chain (for both low friction and no mess when changing cogs!) that you purchase a chain pre cleaned and waxed by ZFC as I use ultrasonics for all steps, or purchase a MSW race prepped chain. From then on can either send back to me to re treat, or I will provide detail instructions for re waxing at home. It is easier one the initial hard part of clean and first wax done.

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 12 x 11 x 1.5 cm
Chain Type

Izumi Super Toughness, Izumi Standard, YBN SLA 410, Buyer Supplied Ultrasonic Clean & Wax


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